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Download Instructions​​


- Follow these instructions carefully!

- You can either toggle between this tab and your business plan or print these instructions and follow along from your printout.

  1. Right click on your business plan and click "Print" on the menu that comes up.

  2. In print dialogue box open" More Settings" and uncheck the box "Headings and Footers".

  3. In the destination box select "Save as PDF". Do not print to your printer. 

  4. Choose where to save the document on your computer and rename the file. Save the file to your computer.

  5. Convert the PDF to a Word document. This will allow you to add your logo, adjust the pagination, insert page numbers, change margins, add or delete anything, and make any format changes. 


There are two methods to convert the PDF to Word:


Convert in Word

  1. Open a blank word document.

  2. Click "File"

  3. On the left side menu click "Open"

  4. Click "Browse" to locate your pdf business plan that you saved above in your computer.

  5. A dialog box will open in Word. Click "OK".

  6. Your business plan will appear as a Word document. If it opens as a protected document, click "Enable Editing" on the top, then click "OK" again in the second dialog box.

Use an Online PDF Converter

Here are a few suggested PDF converters.  You can also search the internet for a free pdf converter in your country.

Convert PDF to Word online for free | Adobe Acrobat (United States)
PDF to Word Converter - 100% Free (
PDF to Word Online Converter - Transform non-editable PDF to Word document for free (


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