Advanced Entrepreneur Programs

EPlan and EFinancials make easy work of  professional business plans

and financial statements


EPlan is our business plan coaching program. Featuring our innovative online business planning template, EPlan software guides entrepreneurs through each section of the business plan in a logical stepwise fashion.  The EPlan template explains business concepts in simple terms and asks questions to solicit the required information. 

Entrepreneurs fill in designated sections each week, and personalized feedback is provided during the group sessions.  Upon completion, a printable business plan is generated. 

The financial section of the business plan utilizes our proprietary cloud-based software, Lean Projections.  Entrepreneurs input their financial data and a cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet are automatically created.

EPlan can also be the basis of a pitch deck. 


The EPlan program runs 11 weeks.  Entrepreneurs receive a password-protected EPlan template and Lean Projections link.

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EFinancials allows entrepreneurs to generate their own financial statments and analyses.  


The EFinancials program is a 3-week intensive that focuses on setting up, analyzing, and tracking all-important financial figures such as sales, expenses, capital expenditures, loans, inventory, and more.  It's made simple through our proprietary Lean Projections cloud-based software.


We show entrepreneurs how to enter data correctly, run reports, and analyze their finances.  Lean Projections automatically generates an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement with one click. 


It's an easy way for SMEs to keep financial records and track profitability. And they can run "what if" scenarios to test the effects of sales and expense variables or the impact of borrowed money or equity investments.