What our entrepreneurs are saying

"I am extremely happy to have gained some knowledge through the ECoaching experience. I have learnt so much in a short while and I am now able to make projections on my business as well as grow my business without fear.


Thanks to Donna and Arun for their exceptional hand-holding skills. Entrepreneurs should go through this process to be able to set SMART goals and achieve them."


Lilian A. Onyegbulam, Nigeria

"I think this course was extremely empowering. It's crucial for an entrepreneur to manage their finances and be able to plan, manage and lead the business to where it needs to be. Without that knowledge it's sure to be a hit and miss." 
Bernice Joy Lewis, JOIE Innovative Learning Solutions  #joie758

"The five-week online business program ECoaching was incredible. Thankful to our facilitators Donna Rosa and Arun and also the OECS for making this possible. Both the marketing and financial sections have given me more knowledge and insight.


Most significantly, the ECoaching financial tracker has been a great accounting and bookeeping model for my business, which was one of my main challenges. I would surely recommend this course to other entrepreneurs like myself especially in the creative industries."


Crystel Hilton, Crystel Hilton Designs 

"This program is the best I've gotten on how to grow my business.  Especially the financial system." 


Obinna Daniel, Nigeria