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Our Why

Our Why
EFour exists to help budding businesses in developing countries thrive.  It’s our passion.

We’ve seen firsthand the difficult circumstances and incredible challenges micro-and small enterprises face, and we understand that longer term customized support (rather than large group one-off training) gets much better results.  We want to facilitate decent incomes, jobs, and economic growth and prosperity. It’s basic, but neither simple nor easy.  Still, we’ve seen that a little help can go a long way in the developing world.

A lot goes into starting and running a business. In low-income countries it’s especially difficult. Yet small enterprises are precisely what struggling economies need in order to develop.
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Support to entrepreneurs in developing nations has typically offered technical skills, access to funding, value chain development, market creation, and business enabling environments.  These are absolutely vital components, and small business development won’t happen without them. 

However, one support area is often overlooked: the business management and planning skills that are crucial to running an enterprise.  Without these skills businesses can easily fail, even if the other factors are present. 

Entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries have special needs and challenges. Many are “entrepreneurs of necessity” with few employment options.  Others have innovative ideas to fill much-needed niches, but don’t know how to go about creating a successful enterprise and are unable to secure funding.

Emerging-country entrepreneurs are not a homogenous group.  From tiny rural agribusinesses to urban educated techpreneurs, their skills and country situations vary greatly.  Most don’t have access to entrepreneurial education or training such as college business programs, incubators, and business mentoring services. It can be resource-prohibitive for organizations to provide the intensive support that’s really needed.

We aim to change that.
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About Us

About Us

We have hands-on in-country experience with microenterprises in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

Donna Rosa is our Founder and Chief Entrepreneurship Officer. Her background covers business management, strategy, business planning, and marketing.  Following a long corporate career spanning 13 countries, she has since supported entrepreneurship and development in 17 developing and emerging countries.

Read more about Donna here.

EFour also utilizes business coaches with expertise in finance, information systems, and business advisory for specialized enterprise support.
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