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Sample ECoaching Program

Our programs are custom designed for each project. Business support organizations are able to cost-effectively develop both formal and informal microenterprises in low-income areas. These business owners benefit most from individual attention, as they usually lack business skills, experience, and training.  ECoaching  delivers individualized real-time business-specific support.


Entrepreneurs engage in discussions about their businesses during online meetings and complete homework assignments between sessions. They learn the basics of financial recordkeeping, marketing, cash flow, business growth and more.  We keep everything simple and effective. 

Session 1
Overview worksheet to be completed prior to class, discussion of each participant’s responses, and instructions for marketing worksheet
Looseleaf calendar planner - EFour Enterprises
Session 2
Marketing discussion and instructions for cash flow part 1
Woman working on a laptop - EFour Enterprises
Session 3
Cash flow part 1 review and instructions for cash flow part 2
Person looking at graphs and pie chart - EFour Enterprises
Session 4
Cash flow part 2 with review/discussion on how to improve financials, and instructions for business goals
Hand with pen signing a contract - EFour Enterprisesract with
Session 5
Business Goals worksheet to be completed; review of business goals and any other outstanding business issues
Laptop in foreground with two people holding discussion - EFour Enterprises
Support Group

 Topic-Specific Sample Programs



Donna Rosa in discussion with African entrepreneurs - EFour Enterprises

This program is a simplified business plan utilizing a business canvas concept. It provides startups with exactly what they need to get their businesses on the right road. The canvas helps entrepreneurs understand, test, and strengthen business concepts and viability.  This can be combined with the ECashflow and EGrowthPlan progams for a comprehensive beginner program.


Cash flow is the number one reason small businesses fail.  We make it easy for entrepreneurs to accurately track monthly cash flows, anticipate potential problem areas, and address them. Our proprietary online software requires only basic inputs and does all the calculations automatically. 


Entrepreneurs learn about the principles of cash flow and apply them to their own businesses.  


This program walks entrepreneurs through the process of developing business goals and a concrete action plan, including tactics and timelines.  EGrowthPlan helps small business owners carefully think through their dreams and make them real.


All businesses need to know how to market effectively in order to attract and retain customers and clients. Entrepreneurs learn about key marketing principles such as target markets, competition, differentiation, value proposition, positioning, and promotion.  They develop their own promotion plans with input from an experienced coach.


How does a microenterprise with limited resources attract the talent it needs in order to be successful?  Our ETalent program interactively explores the problems small business owners face and offers recruitment tips and strategies they apply directly to their own situations. Through a guided program entrepreneurs flesh out their own solutions.

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